14 Days of LOVE Day 8 – M&M Messages of Love

Candy messages are fun in any way, shape or form. Taking the time to spell it out means so much more, don’t you think?

B was delighted to see his little message when he got up from his rest. (He doesn’t like the word “nap”. Babies take naps, big boys take a “rest”. Got it.

Here’s hubby’s

I have to work tonight, so I’m a little bummed I won’t get to see his reaction. I’m sure it will be wonderful and worth all the hard work 🙂 He is and always will be the man of my dreams. I am so very, very blessed.

The boys and I made one for Grammy (my mom) but she got to hers before I could snap a pic. It said “U R The Best Grammy” In case you couldn’t tell. 🙂

People ask me all the time how I have time to do all of these fun things for my family. Well I’ll tell you. Actually why don’t I show you…

I have 3 loads of laundry sitting on my couch waiting to be folded. Not sure that’s ever going to happen but at least they are clean. I’ve embraced the fact that the laundry will always be there, chores will always need to be done. ..but these happy moments to make cherished memories won’t.


This is what I came home to late last night after work.  I couldn’t help but grin ear to ear.  Hubby isn’t one to do things like this often, which is totally fine.  But man, when he does, it sure does make my heart flutter.