14 Days of LOVE- Day 10 “I like the way you roll”, among other things…

Disney’s Family Fun magazine/website is probably one of my favorite “go-to”‘s when I need a silly but child friendly activity.  Right now they also have a great Valentine’s Day section with tons of fun ideas.   Whether it be a candy card to give out or a Valentine’s Day printable, whoever comes up with their stuff is brilliant and very clever.  Here are some of my favorites .

I’m always looking for cute valentine’s for my boys.   You know, ones that aren’t covered in pink hearts…

Caped Cute-sader - Image Collection

Valentine, YOU RULE! or I Love You beyond measure.  Very practical 🙂

You Rule!

Great for friends, great for significant others. 🙂   I made one for hubby last year that said “Dynamic Duo!”.   Isn’t it so cheesy!  I love it!  There really are thousands of things you could say for this one.

Dynamic Duo

You Make my heart glow.  Awww…

Hearts Aglow

I dig you!

A Sweet Shovel

And this is the one I made hubby this year.  I don’t have a picture because, well quite frankly this is a family blog and I don’t want to make anyone feel weird.  Let’s just say it does say ” I like the way you roll…” among other things. 😛

Valentines Day

I could spend hours posting all the things I love from this site,  but I’ll just let you check out for yourself 🙂

**Oh and I am in no way affiliated with Disney’s Family Fun.  I just think they’re stuff is super cute and I love their magazine :)**

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