14 Days of LOVE – Day 1 Love Notes

It’s here!! It’s here!! February and the 14 Days of Love madness is finally here!!  I have so many exciting things lined up this year and I am just beside myself.  First up – Mailboxes filled with love – notes, that is.

It seems as though everyone’s love language in my house is “Words of Affirmation” except mine. So expressing love through words is very difficult for me.   It’s not that I can’t think of a million reasons why I love my husband, it just that I forget to actually TELL him!  Poor guy.   This is why I picked these adorable little guys  as my Day 1 – The more I do it (14 days straight) the less harder it will be to continue.  At lease that’s the goal.  We made these last year and they were so much fun.    *You can find them in the dollar bin at Target, but you better hurry.  I was there yesterday and there were only a few dozen left!

These were the perfect little reminder for me to tell my family in words what I personally love about each one of them.  Great for me and super uplifting for them!

Sooo what are you waiting for?  Go and get one for each of your family members right now, before they’re gone!  And have fun writing, and remembering, all the wonderful reasons YOU love them.  🙂

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