**Blog Disclosure**

As you may have already read about in my “Hi there” intro, I’m fairly new to the crafting/DIY world.  I mean, I guess you could say I’ve always enjoyed being creative.  However since having my two little munchkins, I’ve taken on a whole new love for creating lovely things.  Things that inspire me and make me smile.  Things that make my boys smile.  Things that make my husband say “you made that?!”

On that note, I hate to write.  In fact, this blog is my first shot at writing anything that the public eye will see (other than facebook status updates, which totally don’t count).  I never know the right words to say or even if what I’m saying is making any sense to anyone else but me.  I worry about spelling, punctuation and sounding ridiculous. I have a serious problem with writing extremely looooooong run-on sentences (if you haven’t already noticed).  AND it take me FOR-EVER  to get it just so (going on 2 hours for this little post, geez!)

So why a blog?

I asked myself the same thing.   I’m not really sure but I’m hoping that this blog will inspire just one person and make them smile.  The way thousands of fabulous bloggers out there have done for me.

One run-on sentence at a time.

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